Synchronised Swimming

GLL Barnet Copthall Synchronised Swimming is a growing sport with the numbers of swimmers and clubs increasing nationally. Synchronised is also accepted internationally as a spectator sport being one of the first events to sell out at the Olympic Games.

Competitive Synchronised swimmers must be extremely fit and completely at home in the water, when tested and compared with other Olympic athletes the results showed that synchronised swimmers ranked second only to long distance runners in aerobic capacity and gymnasts in flexibility. They must be strong yet graceful, interested in music sufficiently to be able to choose and interpret pieces of routines and have both stamina and determination.

In order to achieve a high level synchronised swimmers must train with speed swimmers for endurance and do separate sessions devoted to working on ‘figures’, they must also work on land rehearsing routines, completing a flexibility programme and strength training.

GLL Barnet training scheme provides all of the above in a progressive squad system. There is normally 1 coach to 12 swimmers.

  • Group A - 9.5 hours per week available.
  • Group B - 7.5 hours per week available.
  • Group C - 5 hours per week available.

Placement in a group is down to the synchronised swimming coach and will depend on commitment and level of achievement.

To register for lessons telephone the pool on (020) 8457 9900 or e-mail chief coach Rhys Gormley.